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With so many different CBD products available, it is increasingly difficult to know which ones use the highest quality ingredients  that are natural and fresh and sourced using fair trade practices.

Therapeutic chocolate supplements are infused with full-spectrum CBD allowing you to take advantage CBD’s entourage effect in a delicious chocolate treat.

The Benefits of CBD

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Anxiety Relief

The best thing with this product is that it originates from hemp, which is one of the chemical substances found in the cannabinoid family located in a cannabis or hemp plant. The use of CBD gives therapeutic chocolate supplement properties for relieving anxiety. When you are feeling anxious, this product can prove to be quite useful.

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Relieve Muscle spasms

Whenever you are feeling tense in the muscles, you want to get relaxation as quickly as possible. The cannabis plant has some of those qualities. Therapeutic chocolate supplements are infused with CBD giving them a relaxation property that can be quite useful for muscle spasms.

Chronic Pain Relief

Dealing with chronic pain can be a massive challenge but not with CBD solutions. Taking therapeutic chocolate supplements can help you get rid of that pain that has been bothering you for a long time.


Therapeutic Treats

So, what are some of the chocolate supplements created by Therapeutic Treats?

Dark Chocolate

A balanced and rich dark chocolate, offering a fine texture and distinct taste cocoa lovers crave. All of our chocolate is crafted with rain-forest-grown cacao harvested by local families in South America.   


White Chocolate

The sweet, creamy goodness of our delicious white chocolate edible. Handcrafted with luscious cocoa butter and fragrant organic vanilla beans.

Milk Chocolate

A gourmet milk chocolate edible, crafted with high-quality couverture chocolate. Chocolate lovers will enjoy the smooth, velvety texture and classic milk chocolate taste.


Therapeutic Treats - Raspberries & Cinnamon

Dark chocolate Blended with robust raspberries and a wonderfully exotic hint of cinnamon certain to send your taste buds soaring.


Sea Salted Strawberry

Tangy strawberries and dark chocolate perfectly complement one another. The bright sweetness of the strawberry in tandem with the deep rich flavor of the chocolate make for a one-of-a-kind taste experience.


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Made with some of the freshest organic ingredients, Therapeutics provides the highest quality CBD chocolates available. Therapeutic Treats blends the incredible benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) with chocolate and fruit, creating an innovative and delicious choice when it comes to healthy hemp chocolates.

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