Elevate CBD

Elevate CBD offers doctor-formulated, pharmaceutical-quality, lab-tested hemp oil products made from plants grown in the U.S. Elevate CBD are on a mission to provide products that may help their customers find wellness, and as a result tap into their limitless potential. 

Elevate CBD Products We Offer

Serenity Potions is pleased to offer Elevate CBD to our customers as they are one of the leading brands in the CBD market. We retail their top-quality skincare products that allow you to tap into the potential healing and nourishing benefits of hemp for your skin. CBD could also help to eradicate acne as well as provide anti-aging benefits, help for eczema, psoriasis, and sensitive skin.  

CBD Oil Clarifying Cleanser w/ Activated Charcoal

This cleanser harnesses the potential benefits of hemp (10 mg of CBD) for avoiding skin-clogging which leads to blemishes as well as the purifying properties of charcoal and tea. Give your skin the treatment that it deserves with a cleanser formulated with natural ingredients. 

How to Use

  • Use morning and evening or as needed to cleanse the face
  • For best possible results, use with other Elevate CBD skincare products  

Collagen Boost CBD Oil Serum

Once your skin is cleansed and clear of impurities, it's best to treat your skin to a serum packed with nutrients for your skin. Serums differ from moisturizers as they are thinner in consistency which allows them to more easily penetrate the skin; they are formulated to deliver certain results beyond just hydration — and the Elevate CBD Collagen Boost CBD Oil Serum is no different. This product is packed with: 

  • 22 amino peptides
  • 30 mg of high-quality CBD oil 

Utilize the possible anti-inflammatory and nourishing anti-aging properties of CBD for your skin. 

How To Use

  • Use as needed daily after cleansing your skin morning and evening
  • For best possible results, use after cleansing your face with Elevate CBD Oil Clarifying Cleanser w/ Activated Charcoal

Elevate CBD - CBD Oil Tinted Moisturizer

To finish off any skincare routine it is important to use a moisturizer that allows your skin to breathe while offering nourishing and hydrating benefits. This tinted moisturizer with CBD offers optimal daytime hydration as well as blurring effects to obscure blemishes and other imperfections. What’s more, this moisturizer utilizes the potential benefits of CBD for: 

  • Antioxidant protection
  • Vital nutrients

Protect your skin and give it the royal treatment with a moisturizer that is formulated with your skin’s needs in mind. 

How To Use

  • Use daily as needed after cleansing and applying a serum
  • For best possible results, use regularly with other Elevate CBD hemp skincare products

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Serenity Potions has curated the finest selection of CBD products to provide our customers access to the possible benefits of hemp. Shop our selection of Elevate CBD products online as well as other brands to see all the possibilities of integrating hemp into your lifestyle. Shop our online store today! 

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