Baskin's line of hemp-derived CBD products that follow the principles of quality, good health, and sustainability for a balanced lifestyle and overall wellness. Their products are developed by a team of scientists and backed by scientific testing.  Baskin products are made from high-quality ingredients for overall health and wellness. This brand has found a way to harness the power of hemp-derived cannabinoids and pack them into products that promote wellness.

Baskin Products

Sport Recovery Cream

Baskin’s sport recovery cream is renowned for providing instant relief after a hard workout alongside whole-body benefits. This cream has proven to be superior to most creams in the market as it guarantees quick relief and full-body effects. It's perfect for soothing sore muscles and speeding up recovery before and after activity. Made from lab-tested CBD obtained from broad-spectrum hemp extract, Vitamin E, and many other potent ingredients, Baskin's sport recovery cream provides quick relief where you need it within no time. It utilizes peppermint and eucalyptus to deliver an instant cooling effect after applying the cream, which helps to relieve muscle soreness, aches, and pain.

Moreover, the patented Invisicare extended-release technology allows for up to 80% of the CBD to be distributed directly into the body. This makes it a superior cream than other creams which offer less than 30%. The cream creates a long-lasting bond with the skin, resulting in continuous delivery of the CBD for hours and hours thanks to the patented Invisicare technology. It resists washing and rubbing off, meaning you can wash your skin freely without having to apply more cream.


Skin Relief Cream

Baskin’s skin relief cream is one of the best products in the market designed to address discomfort from symptoms of skin ailments such as sunburn, rashes, psoriasis, dry patches, and redness. Made from top-quality CBD derived from broad-spectrum hemp extract and other powerful ingredients, this cream not only keeps your skin moisturized but also soothes the skin. Unlike other relief creams in the market, this cream by Baskin is based on unique, scientifically-backed ingredients that help the skin to breathe and retain the skin's natural moisture.

Besides, it's made with patented Invisicare extended-release technology that allows for up to 40% of CBD to be distributed directly into the body. This makes it superior to other average creams in the market that offer only 3%. The cream’s ability to create a long-lasting bond with the skin ensures continuous delivery of CBD for up to 6 hours and it resists washing and rubbing off  allowing you to wash your skin freely without having to apply more cream.

Each jar contains 150mg CBD to provide skin relief. Does not contain alcohol, waxes, parabens, or organic solvents. If you’re experiencing any kind of discomfort resulting from skin ailments, try Baskin’s skin relief cream and get whole-body benefits that you deserve.


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