About Serenity Potions

What is CBD?

There’s been a lot of talk about CBD products and their health benefits, but what is CBD?

CBD stands for “cannabidiol”, which is the non-psychoactive molecule produced by the hemp flower. Our brains are naturally wired with receptors (known as CB1 and CB2) that are responsible for the assimilation of cannabinoid molecules into our system, resulting in the psychoactive and immune responses correlated with cannabis consumption.

Once the molecule binds with the appropriate receptor the benefits of CBD will be realized.

CBD has been shown in many to alleviate chronic pain such as arthritis and can provide relief for anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

How Do I Choose the Right Product?

It seems that there are so many products available that claim to contain CBD and tout its health benefits. How can you be certain the product you purchase is authentic? How do you decide to buy a tincture or topical and feel confident that you are getting a potent and high-quality product?


The safest way to buy quality CBD products is to be sure you are buying the highest quality products manufactured with care using only the finest natural ingredients, such as organic hemp grown without pesticides. This will allow the fullest expression of flavonoids and terpenes providing you with the most potential benefits.

Most reputable manufacturers will also have lab Certificates of Analysis (COAs), certificates provided by third-party labs that will confirm the ingredients in the product you are purchasing are correct, and in the quantity that the product claims. Serenity Potions is happy to provide this information on all of our products in order to ensure its authenticity.

This is Where We Come In

The world of CBD products can be overwhelming and that’s why we’ve researched our products for you. Our catalog offers you tinctures, topicals, and edibles that are free from unnatural additives and lab-tested ensuring your purchase has the quality and potency you expect.

Serenity Potions offer products from trusted manufacturers at the forefront of research and development. Each product is tested for potency and Lab results for each product are made available to you on our website so you can be sure you are purchasing the highest quality product available.

Selection of Tinctures

We have an extensive selection of Tinctures in many flavors and potencies available.


Serenity Potions Tinctures


Tinctures containing CBD are a convenient way to reap the benefits of CBD oil. Tinctures are made by using hemp extract and custom blending it with carrier ingredients such as alcohol, coconut oil, or MCT oil and in some cases a flavoring to produce the desired dosage in a pleasant flavor. Easy absorption is achieved by just placing three or four drops under your tongue.

We have spent a great deal of time and care researching brands and manufacturers in order to offer you a wide variety of tinctures from trusted brands such as Cozy and cbdFX. These manufacturers are at the forefront of CBD development and are consistently creating advanced cannabidiol products using the finest ingredients available.

Topical Creams and Lotions

We have also assembled a wide range of topicals and skincare products that can help your skin heal from daily exposure to pollution and protect you from excess sunlight.

While you may not be aware your skin is the body’s largest organ and is capable of absorbing any harsh chemicals applied to it. This can cause premature aging. We make sure the topicals we offer contain the best ingredients to protect and nurture your skin, such as white willow bark, aloe vera or natural citrus.

You Can Buy With Confidence

Serenity Potions offers high-quality broad-spectrum CBD products. Whether you decide to buy a skincare product, edible, oil or tincture you can be sure we have taken the time to research our products providing you with a wide variety of potencies. Don’t hesitate to contact us or reach out to us on Facebook if you have any questions, we’ll be more than happy to help you make the best choice for you and your needs.

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