Koi hemp lotion healing balm from Serenity Potions

Koi - Hemp Lotion Healing Balm

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Relax your body with Koi’s all-purpose hemp lotion, a powerful balm that leaves your skin feeling smooth and restored. Infused with Koi PRIZM®, their proprietary True Spectrum CBD oil, this hemp lotion is THC-free and rich in beneficial phytocannabinoids. Feel tranquility at first touch as the naturally derived ingredients work harmoniously to give you an immediate soothing sensation, while moisturizing your skin. It’s a difference you’ll truly feel. Koi’s Healing Balm warms on contact. Simply massage the hemp lotion where it’s needed most. Perfect for reducing blemishes, treating dryness, calming inflammation, and promoting beautiful, naturally healthy skin. This hemp lotion is excellent for use as a daily body moisturizer.

Lab Certificates of Analysis
  • 500 Mg
  • 1000 Mg

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