The Many Uses of CBD

When CBD comes to mind, most people immediately think “supplement.” And no wonder why,  that’s probably where the biggest demand for CBD lies! But CBD products have made their way into dozens of other industries, from food to skincare and everything in between. Their widespread use has made hemp (the plant from which CBD is derived) an industry in and of itself! After years of public distrust, CBD enthusiasts are finally starting to get their chance to shine with products that are sure to win you over! If you’re intrigued by the prospect of CBD-based products but don’t know where to start, we can help!

A few of our favorite uses for the plant can be found below:


With hemp becoming more and more normalized, the market for tinctures and capsules utilizing CBD alongside more traditional vitamins has exploded in recent years. CBD can often be found in tincture or capsule form, providing a supplement that offers a variety of benefits! Many use it because they believe in its potential anti-inflammatory and painkilling properties (more on this later!), while others just use it as a general daily supplement. Whatever your uses, it can make a wonderful addition to your supplemental nutrition plan!

CBD supplements come in all sorts of fun and easily-digestible formats. You can find them in everything from tinctures like those we offer to capsules and even CBD gummies. Try out a variety and see what works best for you.

Pain Management

Whether you’re hurting after a long day at the gym, or you suffer from certain conditions causing chronic pain such as arthritis, we have some great news from you! While we can’t claim that CBD is a cure-all for every ailment, there are many that swear by it as an essential part of their pain management regime. If you have an ache that needs treating, it may be an option worth investigating! Keep in mind that you should talk to a doctor if you’re on any medications to make sure they won’t interact, and it’s not a good idea to stop taking prescribed medication in lieu of CBD — unless your doctor has given you the go-ahead.

CBD’s most popular incarnation is its multitude of pain management strategies; many of the supplements above sell as well as they do because of their anti-inflammatory or pain managing properties in addition to any other benefits the supplements may give. CBD also comes in a variety of topical ointments and creams, and even specially-made muscle balms for sore and overworked arms and legs after a hard workout!

Combats Nausea to Improve Appetite

The benefits of THC on alleviating nausea and boosting appetite are pretty well known, but many are starting to think that CBD may indirectly have a similar effect, as well. While CBD doesn’t cause the munchies the way its sister cannabinoid THC does, it can still prove to be a wonderful way to improve your appetite if you suffer from nausea, indirectly increasing appetite by soothing your stomach.  While scientists are not quite sure how or why CBD soothes nausea, preliminary results for CBD as an anti-nausea solution are promising, which is especially great for those with chronic gastrointestinal problems or who are on medications that may cause nausea as a side effect.

Skin Care

CBD is an essential component in many up-and-coming skincare lines. Since the skin is the largest organ of the body and your first and most important barrier against sicknesses and other environmental hazards, taking care of it properly is imperative. CBD-based skincare products have barged their way onto the scene due to their ability to moisturize and protect, the anti-aging properties antioxidants in CBD that can provide anti-aging benefits, and the ability for CBD products to provide anti-inflammatory/skin-soothing properties that can help with acne outbreaks.

Not only does CBD come in a variety of lotions and ointments, but it is even being incorporated into balms and sunscreens. Whatever your needs, there’s a CBD-infused product on the market just for you! 

Find the Right CBD-Based Product for You!

While many of the uses of CBD are still technically undergoing scientific study, the preliminary results of these studies are lining up with CBD enthusiast’s anecdotal evidence better than they could have hoped for. Whether you’re looking to beef up your skincare routine with CBD- supported products or are wanting to beef up your pain management regiment, Serenity Potions was created to help you narrow down your options and choose the right product to meet your needs.

If you’re looking to see what the hype is all about and try out one of these products yourself, Serenity Potions has curated the finest of CBD-based products on the market. If you have any further questions, or just want a recommendation, contact us now! We can’t wait to introduce you to lotions, supplements and more that are sure to blow you away!
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