The Benefits Of Hemp Oil Tinctures

There are many ways to consume Cannabidiol aka CBD, but one of the simplest and most convenient methods available is by using a tincture to put a few drops under your tongue or in your favorite beverage.

But for those who are unfamiliar with tinctures there can be a lot of questions:

  • What exactly are tinctures? 
  • How are they made?
  • Can tinctures provide the same benefits as other ingestion methods?
  • Are they as potent as other edible products?
  • How quickly does the body absorb the beneficial compounds? 


What Is A Tincture?

CBD tinctures are terpenes extracted from the Hemp flower which are then combined with alcohol, vegetable glycerine, and flavorings such as peppermint oils or cinnamon. Historically made by steeping healing herbs such as Echinacea Root or Nettle in an alcohol solution for several weeks infusing the alcohol with the most potent form of their properties. Tinctures made from CBD oil are very concentrated, can be consumed sub-lingually or added to food, and are commonly sold in 30ml bottles with included droppers providing a convenient way to measure potency.

How Are Tinctures Produced?

Traditional tinctures are concentrated herbal extracts produced by soaking dried leaves, herbs or berries in alcohol infusing the alcohol with the beneficial properties of these ingredients. CBD tinctures produced today are similar in concept. We infuse the tincture with the benefits of CBD using modern extraction techniques that are somewhat more complicated and allow for greater precision in the extraction of beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids.

Extracting The Good Stuff

There are several methods of extracting CBD from the hemp plant including steeping and steam distillation but the standard extraction method used by the herbal medicine and food industries is C02 extraction.

If you have ever had decaffeinated coffee you have experienced the results of the C02 extraction method. This process not only improves the quality and potency of the extracted ingredients but also reduces waste and eliminates toxic by-products sometimes created by other extraction methods such as Hydrocarbon Solvent Extraction.

The technique uses a series of pressurized chambers one contains C02 and another contains hemp. The pressurized carbon dioxide flows into the hemp which then separates into its essential oils and terpenes. The result is a clear concentrated amber oil that is ready to be blended and transformed into a tincture.

Once the terpenes have been extracted they are very concentrated, up to 92% purity can be achieved with modern extraction equipment, the oil is then blended with alcohol, other oils such as MCT Oil and flavorings in various proportions creating the final product. Once the process is complete the result is a potent and easily ingested CBD tincture that will be quickly absorbed by the body. Serenity Potions offers tinctures in a wide variety of flavors that can be as potent as 1500mg per 30ml bottle.

Benefits of Tinctures

 Consuming CBD in the form of a tincture has several benefits.

  • Tinctures are easy to use. Packaged in glass containers that come with measuring droppers. It is easy to carry your favorite tincture with you and discretely ingest as needed during the day.
  • Tinctures are very concentrated. One 30ml bottle can contain as much as 4000mg of CBD. The amount of tincture that you need to consume to be effective is much less than other methods.
  • Tinctures are absorbed faster. Because they are blended with alcohol and other oils the body can assimilate the terpenes much faster than other methods. This bioavailability is especially important if the goal is pain relief.


Tinctures Offer Great Bioavailability

Bioavailability refers to the rate at which something is absorbed by the body. This is important because it directly affects the quantity you need to consume of a substance for it to be effective. Bioavailability also determines the amount of time it takes for the onset of the desired effect. The bioavailability of a tincture if ingested sub-lingually can be as high as 35%.

Tinctures can be absorbed by the body in a short amount of time making them a great delivery system when we want the effect of CBD to happen quickly. Chronic pain relief, for example, is one malady we want to resolve as soon as we start to feel the symptoms. Because tinctures are quickly digested and have a high bioavailability we begin to feel the effects shortly after ingestion.

You Can Be Creative With Consumption

The most common way to ingest tinctures is sublingual. Simply place a few drops under your tongue and wait a few minutes then swallow. Tinctures are usually packaged in small 30ml containers that provide a dropper that allows the user to measure the dose accurately. This makes the dosing quick, easy and discreet.

Tinctures are also very versatile and can be consumed in different ways. In addition to ingesting sub-lingually drops can be added to warm liquids allowing you to add the benefits of CBD to your favorite tea or soup. A few drops may also be added to your salad dressing for lunch as well. Just feel free to experiment with as many foods and beverages as you like.

The Last Word On Tinctures

CBD tinctures are convenient, concentrated, and fast-acting. The advanced extraction process has allowed for the production of CBD tinctures that are pure and free of toxic by-products. That's why Serenity Potions has made a wide variety of tinctures available to you in many flavors and strengths. We have researched and chosen the finest products manufactured by bands that are at the forefront of the CBD market. When you buy a tincture from Serenity Potions trust that you are buying the highest quality products available with lab-tested potencies.

Have questions about our products or why we carry the lines we do? Feel free to reach out to us and ask! We’re always happy to explain more about specific products and help you with any inquiries you have.


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