The Basics of Skin Care

Skincare has to be one of the most complex things to understand that looks so deceivingly simple. We’re sure you’ve had your fair share of weird skin problems in the same way we all have. It seems no one gets out of the skincare woods without singing the blues about either stubborn acne, oily skin, skin that’s too dry, or any other myriad issues that can go wrong with your skin before it even starts aging. And then, as we all know, once it starts aging then a whole load of other completely different issues arise with no clear or easy solution in-sight. 

However, as a skincare company that cares, first and foremost, about how you feel on a daily basis, we’re here to lift the veil surrounding the weird skincare issues that everyone seems to come across at some point in their lives. You see, like most health regimens of any kind, there’s foundational work you have to do first to get your skin to a good base-line before you can start fixing and pursuing solutions to other issues in your skin. This is, of course, no easy task as your skin is the largest organ in your body. It covers so much ground and plays such an integral part in your health that it’s quite a thing to figure out how to make it all happy and healthy. We’ll strive to make it as simple and easy to follow as possible so you feel empowered to pursue a skincare and health regimen that not only makes your skin look better but makes you feel better. 

Only Invest In High-Quality

Let’s start with the basics. Your skin needs four basic treatments to stay healthy and happy. Where you get those specific treatments is up to you. If you’d like to try organic skincare, you can. If you prefer something a little more high-powered from a salon, that’s game too. You only need to include the four basic ingredients to a good skin care routine, it doesn’t necessarily matter where you’re getting those as long as they’re high-quality. That means if you’re getting the majority of your products for your skin care routine from somewhere that sells questionable merchandise, you’re probably not creating that baseline you need to establish so you can start treating your other skin ailments. 

The First Part Of Your Skin Routine

One of the most important skin care ingredients you need is a high-quality cleanser. If you’re armed with a cleanser that can reset your skin each day, you’ll be much better off than you used to be. Your skin is coated throughout the day with more than just your own pore’s secretions. Your skin will be slowly coated with various pollutants from the air as well as just regular, dirt, grime and sweat that comes from your hair, a strong gust of wind filled with dust and so many other things. But that’s ok, that’s what our skin is there for: to protect us from these pollutants and other grime from entering our body. 

However, if you don’t want it to be absorbed into your skin, you’ll have to act fast and cleanse yourself. The good cleanser you invest in will be the primary way that your skin is refreshed and prepared for a new day or for bed. Following a few rules like never sleep in your makeup and always wash your face twice a day, usually before bed and your shower in the morning, will make sure that your skin is always fresh and ready to take on the rest of the day. 

Now, choosing a cleanser isn’t exactly easy, but it shouldn’t be rocket science either if you have the right resources. Once you’ve classified your skin by defining a skin type, you can choose a cleanser that’s fitted for your specific skin type. Please note: your skin type can change subtly from season to season. It’s not unusual for someone to go from being dry skin in the winter to being a moderate skin type in the summer. There are some cleansers, like our charcoal-based cleanser, that’s especially good for oily skin because it has ingredients that help strip excess oils without drying the skin out. Dry skin, for example, could need a moisturizing cleanser, and moderate skin might pair well with a gentle exfoliating cleanser that balances with a moisturizing finish. 

Our chief advice is pick a brand you’ve heard good things about, make sure you choose somewhere that has a good reputation is selling it, and just go in and read the labels on the bottle. The skin care company isn’t going to try and trick you into buying a product that your skin won’t like, as they get more sales with the more successful, happy customers with good skin they draw in and promote. The label won’t mislead you, but some brands are better than others, and that’s where choosing your cleanser, or indeed, any product can get tricky. That’s why we test and ensure that all of the products we sell only include high-quality ingredients that are not present in too large of quantities to promote weird effects in any skin types. 

Moisturize Any Time Of Year

Not surprisingly, people with dry skin are not the only ones who need to moisturize their skin. Moisturizing is actually a foundational skin care ingredient because it prevents most of the problems you’re probably currently complaining about. For example, one of the major causes of acne is your skin being too dry. This is especially true for oily skin, which often develops a fine sheen that forces folks to invest in oil blotter cloths for their face to pat away the shiny from their nose, but if you act preemptively, you won’t need them. Oily skin overproduces oil when it’s feeling dry. So investing in a lightweight moisturizer that has only natural ingredients in it will help your skin from overproducing more oil, it will limit sebum secretion overall and improve the clarity of your skin regardless of the season. 

Since skin types tend to change, at least minutely, from season-to-season, you’ll simply need to have winter products and summer products. Perhaps your winter moisturizer is a proper cream that slides onto your skin smoothly and is absorbed slowly to help your skin adjust to the cold, dry air. Your summer moisturizer could then be a light-weight gel that soaks into the skin quickly and leaves no trace on the surface, allowing your skin to breathe freely in the heat and humidity. If you’re worried about blemishes, you can always invest in a foundation that doubles as a moisturizer. This will serve to help you avoid blocking your pores, limiting sebum secretion and keeping your skin feeling healthy and looking healthy while it heals. We have a high-quality product that goes on smooth as butter, but feels lighter than a feather, on your skin. You can check it out here

Shop Our Selection of CBD-Based Skin Care

There’s a reason that CBD is on the rise across the board and that’s the same reason that most of our skin care products all include CBD. We want you to feel good throughout the day and feel proud of your skin. Through our years of experience and multiple tests of other products, we’ve come to the conclusion that the best way for us to help you and the rest of our customers get there is through holistic topical wellness enhancing products that are full of excellent ingredients that help your skin become the best it can be. Shop our selection of hand-selected products now to start making your skin and body feel better now. 

Have questions about our products or why we carry the lines we do? Feel free to reach out to us and ask! We’re always happy to explain more about a specific product and help you with any inquiries you have. 

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