Sore Muscle Relief with CBD

Adding a supplement to your daily health regimen can be a confusing and difficult task when there are so many available options. One ingredient that has been generating a lot of buzz during many post-workout discussions is CBD or Cannabidiol. In short, CBD is the non-psychoactive compound of the cannabis plant that has shown a lot of promise at relieving pain and inflammation. If you have been wondering how you can add CBD to your daily workout regimen but haven’t been able to sort through all the information, these are the things you’ll need to know.

What is CBD and How is it absorbed?

CBD is the non-psychoactive molecule produced by the hemp flower. In recent years there have been advances in the cultivation and processing of hemp which have made it possible to provide the consumer with an assertion of potency and a standard of quality that can be expected when a CBD product is purchased. These advances have also changed the way CBD can be consumed. We can now buy topical creams and oils as well as edibles like gummies or tinctures. Consuming CBD has never been more convenient.

Once it enters the blood stream CBD binds with receptors (known as CB1 and CB2). Our brains are naturally wired with these receptors that are responsible for assimilating cannabinoid molecules into our systems, providing relief from the pain and inflammation experienced after a strenuous workout.

Why Am I Sore After a Workout?

Many factors affect the level of soreness you experience after a workout, such as:

  • How often do you workout?
  • What type of exercises do you do?
  • How hard do you push yourself?
  • Do you hydrate well enough?
  • Do you sleep enough after your workout?


During a workout routine, you put stress on your muscles beyond what they are accustomed to. Vigorous workouts that include heavy lifting or stair climbing, for example, cause a buildup in lactic acid which leads to soreness. Another cause of soreness is micro-tears in the muscle fibers. In the early stages of training or during a new routine your muscles are performing movements they may not be accustomed to causing many micro-tears in the muscle fibers. After your workout, these tears become inflamed and cause soreness.

 Inflammation Relief

A strenuous workout can put your muscles and joints through a lot of stress which will lead to inflammation and soreness. Because CBD receptors are primarily located in the central nervous system they are positioned perfectly to aid in pain and inflammation relief. Studies published as far back as 2008 have shown that CBD helps reduce both long term and short term pain correlated with strenuous workouts. CBD also affects your perception of pain by activating your body's glycine receptors which play an important role in regulating inflammation.

Sleep and Muscle Recovery

Sleep plays an important part in muscle recovery and you must give your body a good amount of rest after a workout to repair all those micro tears and rebuild your muscles. CBD can help you regulate the cortisol levels in your body allowing you to reach a deeper more restorative state of sleep. Studies have found that adding CBD to your post-workout routine can help you fall asleep faster and maintain REM sleep. REM sleep is the deepest stage of sleep that allows your mind and body to recover from the mental and physical exertions that occurred during the day.

(More on the benefits of sleep)

What To Look For In a CBD Product

Advances in the cultivation of hemp and extraction of its terpenes have created a large demand for CBD products but it’s important to be careful when deciding to buy. There are many products for sale that may not be what they claim. Products may not be as strong as they say or may not be cultivated in an organic, pesticide-free manner.

When purchasing a CBD product it is important that the product clearly states its potency on the label. This is usually in a milligram notation such as 600mg for example. The product label should also state any other ingredients used in production. Many tinctures, for example, use MCT oils in combination with the Hemp oil to make it more palatable and uniform. The point is to be as informed of the contents as possible.

How Much Should I Take?

CBD products can come in many doses, some as high as 1500mg. These high doses have not proven to be dangerous, but there is no agreed-upon strength. There are guidelines we can use however that have shown an optimal dose to be in the range of 300 to 600mg for maximum benefit, but experimentation is best. If a particular dose doesn’t seem to work or isn’t providing the benefit you would like you can increase it gradually until you find the sweet spot. A good starting point to consider is about 1 to 6 mg per pound of body weight.

Topicals Edibles or Tinctures

There are so many ways to consume CBD today that it can be hard to decide which method is best:


Cooling Creams and Topicals


After a hard workout messaging the affected area with a cooling cream is one way to provide soothing relief to your sore muscles. The decrease in temperature combined with massage techniques has been shown to improve circulation to the muscles and release the tension that may have built up during a strenuous workout. It’s been a common belief that applying heat to the muscles after working out is the best thing you can do to prevent sore muscles. There is also science pointing to the benefits of cooling the area for improved muscle relaxation and circulation.

Sub-lingual Tinctures

Sub-lingual tinctures are another popular way of consuming CBD after a workout because they are convenient, potent and easily infused into smoothies and other foods. Tinctures are created from high potency terpenes extracted from the hemp flower. Hold one or two drops under the tongue for up to a minute then swallow. Because they are so potent the effects of tinctures will be long-lasting, between 6 and eight hours. Tinctures do take a bit longer to work so some patience is required.


Another convenient way to enjoy the benefits of Hemp Oil is a type of edible called a gummy. We are all familiar with the delicious gummy bears we ate as children. CBD gummies have the same texture and are available in a variety of flavors. Because you can carry them in your work out bag they are always ready when you’re finished your workout.

What to Look For When Buying

There are so many options available in the market for CBD products, its often hard to know if you are getting a high-quality product. That's exactly where we can help. Serenity Potions offer products from trusted manufacturers at the forefront of research and development. 

When deciding to buy a CBD product you must be provided easy access to the lab report that clearly describes the potency and extraction method used. In addition, there will be a description of the growing methods and use of pesticides during cultivation will be disclosed. As a rule of thumb if lab reports are not made available stay away from the product. Serenity Potions always makes labs for each product available so you can be sure you are purchasing the highest quality product available.

We have researched and chosen the finest CBD products manufactured by bands that are at the forefront of the CBD market. When you buy a Hemp Extract from Serenity Potions you can trust that you are buying the highest quality products available with lab-tested potencies.

Have questions about our products or why we carry the lines we do? Feel free to reach out to us and ask! We’re always happy to explain more about specific products and help you with any inquiries you have.

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