CBD and Skincare Pt. 3: CBD and Skin Conditions

Skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and other common conditions that cause rashes or patches of dry and crusty skin can be as unsightly and embarrassing as they are itchy and uncomfortable. Although outbreaks can happen at any time, a specially crafted skincare routine that helps to keep your skin healthy can drastically reduce both outbreaks and the severity of any outbreaks you may experience. If you’re seeking relief from one of these conditions, the question of whether a CBD-based skincare routine could help to control your symptoms may have crossed your mind. Others have found solace in CBD-based treatment plans, so you very well may be on the right track! Read on to see if CBD may be the right option for you.

If you’re looking for a new way to try and minimize or prevent outbreaks, the science behind CBD and effective skincare is pretty solid; it has been seen to have anti-inflammatory properties, as well as properties that turn it into a painkiller that many swear by. Both of these attributes make it particularly suited to diseases that leave the skin red, inflamed and itchy, simultaneously helping to soothe skin and to dampen that unbearable urge to scratch.

See a dermatologist or other specialist if your skin issues are severe enough that specialized treatments may be necessary. But if your skin is not quite to the point of specialist intervention and is left red, inflamed, and nasty-looking, CBD could be right for you. Because mild cases of various skin diseases can be a struggle to control with other over-the-counter medications, CBD may be the perfect way to help you try to control your symptoms before making a potentially expensive dermatologist appointment. Even if you already are treating your skin rashes with specialized ointments, speak with your dermatologist about incorporating CBD-based lotions and moisturizers into your skincare routine to speed up the healing process.

What Conditions Can CBD Help?

CBD is worth trying on any skin condition that results in dry, flaky skin. Its moisturizing properties can help protect your skin from breaking out in the first place, and if your skin has already broken out, it can help to minimize the damage better than an ordinary skincare routine will, especially if that breakout is the result of bacteria or inflammation.
While it’s never a bad idea to consult with an expert before trying your new favorite Serenity Potions product, CBD-based skincare solutions have, in limited studies, been found to be non-invasive at worst, and potentially incredibly helpful in treating certain skin conditions. In plain English, you have nothing to lose by trying our CBD-based skincare products and could gain relief from the skin conditions that plague you.

In this article, two of the main culprits of dry, itchy rashes will be covered: eczema and psoriasis. Although CBD isn’t a one-size-fits-all quick fix, it’s skincare applications make it an interesting item to consider if you suffer from one or the other of these issues. If you need relief from dry, scaly rashes, CBD may be the hero of this story!


Eczema is an incredibly annoying skin condition that affects a large portion of the United States. Also called dermatitis, eczema is a generalized term for a red, inflamed skin rash and spots of exceedingly dry skin. In extreme cases, blisters can even form. It is a condition that mostly affects children, but can still prove incredibly itchy, unsightly and inconvenient well into adulthood. Because it is chronic, there’s no “cure”, and you need to find a way to manage outbreaks as best you can to encourage them to go away.


There doesn’t seem to be a specific cause for eczema, rather a variety of genetic factors that, when combined with something in the environment around you, can cause you to break out. Eczema is thought to be an auto-immune response, so the reaction can be considered something akin to an allergy outbreak, which can be caused by a variety of different things. This can include irritants such as allergens or certain ingredients in everyday items such as cleaners, can be brought about by certain foods, and can even be brought about or made worse by wearing clothing made from a material that irritates your skin. Extreme stress can also make eczema worse.


Eczema can’t be treated, as it’s a chronic condition and flare-ups could happen any time. The skin’s ability to act as a barrier to the world around it is interfered with and the body thinks it is under attack. It can, however, be controlled. If it is difficult to control and won’t go away with the use of products you can get over-the-counter, and supplementing skincare with a CBD-based topical doesn’t clear it up as quickly as you would like, a dermatologist can prescribe something more appropriate for prolonged or severe eczema outbreaks.

Once eczema is cleared, a healthy skin routine featuring your favorite Serenity Potions products and identifying what caused the outbreak so you can stay away from it is essential. 

How CBD Can Help

Eczema is, at least in part, an inflammatory response. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties can help to combat eczema from that angle, while also helping to soothe and moisturize skin in an effort to repair the eczema-caused rashes. Because eczema is a nonspecific umbrella term for a variety of related skin infections, it’s important to look for products that can keep your symptoms minimized, and apply them frequently to problem areas that continuously break out.

Our topical line boasts a variety of products focused on giving your skin what it needs to heal and rejuvenate, cultivated specifically to help promote health and wellness for your skin. We recommend the Hemp Body Lotion Cream by CBDfx, specifically made to quickly and efficiently provide healing and moisture to areas that need it. 


Psoriasis occurs when rashes are caused by skin cells that rapidly multiply much quicker than they should. When your skin is subjected to this rapid growth of skin cells, the skin can form what are called psoriasis lesions, areas that are inflamed, dry, scaly and itchy. These lesions can form anywhere on your skin, although most commonly form on the scalp, folds of the skin, and on your elbows and knees. In extreme cases, psoriasis can even cause psoriatic arthritis, which thankfully can be reversed with the right care routine.

Psoriasis is a more complicated skin issue than eczema is, and because of this, an appointment with a specialist to determine the best way to tackle treatment is optimal before just purchasing a variety of skincare regimens that may antagonize your psoriasis. There are five different kinds of psoriasis, and while plaque psoriasis is the most common, it is important to let an expert take a look so you know what type of psoriasis you are dealing with to know how to treat it.


There’s not a specific cause to psoriasis, rather events that can trigger the auto-immune response that causes it. Intense bouts of stress can throw your body into ramping up the intensity of immune system processes, which can result in psoriasis lesions and outbreaks. Common triggers for outbreaks can be stress, alcohol, other infections, injuries that damage your skin, or can even be side-effects of medications.


Treatment for psoriasis varies pretty heavily based on how difficult to keep in check your psoriasis is, and what type of psoriasis you have. The best treatment available is to keep your skin healthy or to figure out what triggers your psoriasis flare-ups and do your best to stay away from it.

If you are dealing with a more moderate form of psoriasis that you can keep under wraps without much more effort than a good skincare routine, CBD-based skincare products may be a wonderful asset in your preventative skincare routine. In severe cases, treatment may by necessity be a little more intense, with your skincare acting as preventative routines, relying on CBD’s anti-inflammatory and potentially psoriasis-inhibiting properties.

How can CBD Help

Because most psoriasis cases are plaque psoriasis, CBD can be used to help conquer the dry and scaly rashes that psoriasis leaves behind. Our favorite topical ointment is Koi’s Hemp Lotion Healing Balm. It is pleasantly warming to help ease that itchy sensation, and the thick, creamy balm seeps into your skin to help your skin get the most out of it.

If you’re undergoing treatment for psoriasis already but want to supplement it with a balm that helps ensure your skin is soaked in all the vital health-promoting ingredients it needs, talk to your dermatologist about incorporating our skincare-based CBD topicals into your treatment plan today.

Find Relief Today

If you find that you’re in need of relief from itchy, uncomfortable rashes on your skin, try bolstering your skincare routine with something from Serenity Potion’s curated selection of topical lotions and ointments today.

Don’t quite know what product is going to be the best for you? Don’t worry, we know how intimidating finding the right product can be! Contact us today if you have any questions, or need recommendations on the product that may be best suited to taking care of your own needs.
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