CBD and Skincare Pt. 2: CBD vs. Acne

Our last blog on the topic of CBD and skincare covered CBD-infused lotions and moisturizers, and the benefits that switching to CBD-based brands can offer. If you’ve begun to implement some of our moisturizing products or lotions into your everyday skincare routine and are curious about some of the other benefits it can provide, welcome back! If you saw our previous article and are simply looking for more information to make an informed decision before you buy, we hope to help you find the information you need.

In Part 2 of this series, we wanted to shift gears and tackle a skincare problem that has proven to be the bane of many of our collective existences: acne. Acne is a particularly annoying, and difficult to treat and prevent because of the variety of different causes. If you struggle with acne that just won’t go away, can CBD be the perfect anti-acne solution for you?

CBD vs. Acne

What Causes Acne?

Acne is one of the most persistent and annoying skincare issues faced by millions around the country. One of the most common culprits of acne is hormones. This makes those going through puberty, menstruation, menopause, or a variety of diseases that directly impact hormone distribution particularly prone to sudden surges of acne, which can be unsightly and devastating if located on visible areas like the face or neck. Many contemporary over-the-counter treatments are ineffective against acne or are good at stopping acne but do nothing to prevent it.

Other factors that could be causing your acne are hormonal imbalances brought about by certain medications, emotional stress, and diet. While the old myth of greasy food causing acne has been disproven, there are links between acne and dairy products, as well as refined sugars and carbs. These are all foods, interestingly enough, that boost levels of insulin in your system. Insulin, in turn, has been linked with the rise of other hormones in your body.

Types of Acne

There are two main types of acne, inflammatory and non-inflammatory. Non-inflammatory acne is generally a bit less severe, and normally involves a pore (somewhere on the face being the most common location for acne) becoming clogged as sebum, dirt, debris, and dead cells gather and are not properly cleared from the pore. Sebum is the oily substance in skin that, when overproduced, can cause the pore to attract and will trap these sorts of materials. Once the pore is clogged, it can become irritated and inflamed and may eventually break out, causing whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, and other unsightly disruptions. Non-inflammatory acne is more common than inflammatory acne and is generally more mild.

The cause of inflammatory acne is due to bacteria that has mixed in with the dead cells, sebum, and dirt in the pore, causing a breakdown of the pore wall and an inflammatory response to help combat the infection that is taking place. This is the more severe type of acne, the type that can cause serious outbreaks all across the afflicted area. It is also the type of acne that, if the infection sinks deep enough into your skin, can cause cysts and other unpleasant symptoms that can leave behind pits and scars.

How Can CBD Help?

CBD tackles the issue of skincare in two major ways: its antibacterial properties, and it’s ability to limit sebum production

CBD-infused skincare regiments may help to fight acne-caused inflammation because of the proposed antibacterial qualities that CBD has been seen to have. While the above study notes that the hemp plant (the plant that CBD is extracted from) has a number of different products that have been seen to act as antibacterials besides CBD, CBD being included in these facial scrubs and lotions can help to fight inflammatory acne at its source.

Because many forms of acne are triggered by inflammation, CBD can be useful in treating the underlying red, swollen, and tender areas where acne is forming. As stated earlier, inflammatory acne makes up many of the more severe types of acne, and it may be a good idea to see a dermatologist if your acne continues to get worse and worse, instead of hoping that it will eventually go away with the assistance of your skincare routines. This can reduce the amount of scars and pits especially serious bouts of acne can leave after they’ve run their course.

Even in cases where acne isn’t due to inflammation, CBD can help to limit sebum production, which can help stop acne or prevent it from getting worse. Sebum is an oily substance that, when overproduced, can make it easy for the pores in your skin to collect dirt, skin cells, and a whole host of other nastiness that can clog up your pores and cause acne to form. By limiting its production, CBD can help to stop these deposits from happening. A skincare routine capitalizing on CBD’s ability to help lessen the production of sebum, then, could be wonderful for those at their wits’ end who haven’t had luck with other products!

CBD and More Severe Acne

For more severe acne, over-the-counter CBD-based products won’t be enough. While their ability to stop sebum production and anti-inflammatory properties are wonderful, you need something with a little more kick to it. If you do suffer from severe acne and haven’t found CBD-based products to be of any use at all, you may be using the wrong product for the job.

If you have severe acne and are looking for a product to clear it all away, visit your dermatologist for advice. Unfortunately, no over-the-counter product will do the trick if your ane is particularly stubborn. Once its back under control, switch back to your favorite CBD-based products for maintenance!

What Product Should You Try?

This is very much dependent on where the greatest collection of acne is. If it’s above your neckline, obviously a full-strength lotion or moisturizer won’t be the right fit for you. Facial creams and cleansers need to be gentler and more soothing, like Serenity Potions’ Clarifying Cleanser by Elevate CBD or AM/PM Hemp Moisturizer by CBD Matrix. A product that can gently draw out and clear your face of impurities such as oil buildups while moisturizing is essential. CBD Matrix’s AM/PM Moisturizer is specifically made for facial care, and can serve this function beautifully!

Other areas of the body that struggle with acne may struggle with more intense bouts. For this reason, if CBD-based cleansers don’t do the job alone, try using Elevate’s Clarifying Cleanser after using a more traditional and stronger cleanser beforehand. While CBD-based cleansers such as the one from Elevate are all that is needed for many with less intense acne, since everyone is different, trying out different combinations of products may be necessary to find the right blend for you.

Say Bye to Acne

Shop Serenity Potions’ expansive skincare collection to start your skincare regiment off on the right foot, or to make it that much better! A CBD-based skincare routine can help clear your skin and keep it bright and shining, helping prevent oily deposits and buildups and stoping those building up in their tracks.

If you have any questions about your acne, you may want to call a specialist. If you’re curious about our products and what might best suit your needs, however, you can contact us at any time! We cannot wait to help you find the perfect product from our curated stock!
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